Our Story

When you discover Linen and Glass for the first time you realise this is not your ordinary gift, bath and body store. Our light, bright, unique stores are filled with an array of local and international brands. 

What is most refreshing is the way the stores are styled, giving credence to Linen and Glass “Living”. Product range includes a wide range of imported and local toiletries, 5 ranges of sleepwear, kiddie’s accessories, and general gifting.

Linen and Glass is very clear when it comes to customer service, we understand that customers come to Linen and Glass to snatch a few precious moments of “me” time.

Whether one is looking for a décor item for a favourite area, or a gift for a friend or dinner party, there is a good chance you will find it here. Personnel are friendly and helpful and the experience of Linen and Glass is complete when your gift is beautifully wrapped. A truly fantastic experience.